Hi, I’m Hannah.

My last name used to be Van Dyk, but is now transitioning to Moerman - just a last name, not a religion. From 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, I work out of my home, building relationships with churches, donors, and schools. (Take that, everyone who said I couldn’t get a job with a non-profit management minor.) After that, I walk to the library, work my way through a Netflix binge, explore a little bit of our city, or dive head first into a book (sometimes a good book, sometimes a bad book, sometimes just meh).

In May 2016, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta with two suitcases and a clearly defined exit strategy - go back to school, in Ontario, in September. In September 2016, my mom and I drove a packed full Chevy Equinox to a very sketchy rental apartment in Edmonton, Alberta, and I’ve been living here ever since.

I’ve been writing on the internet since I was in Grade 4 and realized that all my angsty feelings could live here, on the world wide web. It’s been an ebb and flow relationship between myself and writing, but after moving to Edmonton, I knew keeping up this blog was a way to keep family and friend informed of what’s happening - and a good way for me to exercise this writing muscle of mine.

I don’t really know what you’ll find here - maybe lists, maybe thoughts, maybe prose, maybe letters - but I will tell you that this is one of the few places on the internet where I will regularly type with capital letters, so carry that thought warmly in your heart.