Hello friends & welcome to my little corner of the Internet. My name is Hannah Van Dyk, & I'm a 24 year old Canadian gal, currently living in Alberta, where I work in Edmonton. Daughter of a hardworking bus driver and step-daughter of a kind hearted farmer. A girl who loves small communities and lives in a big city and loves travel.

Here are some random facts of great importance:

  • I have an obsession with laundromats & semi-colons.
  • I'm on a forever journey to become a better morning person & am probably waiting for the right time to ask you about your morning routine.
  • I have very strong opinions on raisins and yogurt.
  • Somewhere out there, a photo of me is in the wallet of someone I've never met (it's a long story).
  • I'm an AquaZumba enthusiast.
  • I smell my books, especially the really old ones that have been with me for a while. 
  • I buy book sets (Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) from used bookstores only - and I make sure they're mismatched sets.
  • I love: giggles from little children, & the "Folk & Friends" Spotify playlist, sunshine, & rain, coffee coffee coffee, chai tea lattes, & vanilla lattes with cinnamon & nutmeg sprinkled on top,  yellow tulips & orange gerberas, gigantic trees & Honduras, Pilot pens & Moleskine journals. I also love ampersands.

I love Jesus & what He taught us when He was on earth, but I have a hard time putting all those lessons into action.

I'm anchored in joy, which means I've generally got my head pointed towards the sky, squinting for silver linings. I spend a lot of time falling in love with the world around me, and I love to waste time in coffee shops and bookstores.

Listen - I don't really know who I am most days, and I spent a lot of time muddling through life. But every day, I'm learning a lot - learning about what it means to be a human being as opposed to a human doing; learning about how I feel; learning about how to take care of myself; learning about how to treat others the way God has called me to and the way Jesus taught us to during his time on earth. This isn't a space for perfection or right answers - it's a space for asking questions, growing, and muddling towards a maybe answer, together. 

So. I'd love for you to join the adventure. You can follow along on this sparse blog, or give me a follow on my social media accounts - here's the Instagram and the Twitter accounts.