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twenty five before twenty five: month one round up

twenty five before twenty five: month one round up


It’s been one month since I wrote my first #25before25 blog post, and it’s been a fun little experiment since then. I’m really good with beginnings - I love the start of things, so this enthusiasm will probably lessen & let’s be real, I will not consistently do monthly round ups of where I’m at. But I’ve got a decent amount of time on my hands right now, so here’s how #25before25 is progressing in this first month.

i’m running. On Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, we run. It is the worst, but also the best. This is the longest I’ve ever consistently exercised, which is a fun thing for me to find out & continue practicing. It’s also fun to wake up early, endorphins are real, and it’s fun to do it with my co-workers. Doing something with your co-workers is a great way to have accountability, because if you don’t run, you have to face them in the office afterwards. Plus, we’ve have a sticker chart, which makes a huge difference. Things that are less fun about running: it getting harder & running in extreme cold weather (Alberta is just a delight when it comes to winter weather.)

i’m reading. In October, I tweeted that I wanted to use my library card more than my debit card, and I can say in this last month, that’s been relatively true! (More on how that became true later.) I’ve been devouring books lately - some on church issues, some really haunting memoirs, some fun books on creativity, and some chick lit because that’s important to throw into my reading too. I’m definitely above my goal of reading one book a week, but I’m thrilled about that! Here’s what I’ve been reading in this last month:

  • A Wrinkle in Time: Madeline L’Engle
  • 7: Jen Hatmaker (a super favourite!) (a would buy!)
  • Making All Things New: Henri Nouwen
  • Between the World & Me: Ta-Nehisi Coates (an uncomfortable favourite!)
  • A House in the Sky: Amanda Lindhout & Sarah Corbett (a super favourite!)
  • Steal Like An Artist: Austin Kleon (a creative favourite!) (a would buy!)
  • Getting Over Garett Delaney: Abby McDonald (a fun favourite!)
  • The Inner Voice of Love: Henri Nouwen (a super spiritual favourite!) (a would buy!)
  • After You: Jojo Moyes

i’m music-finding. I’d like to thank pop culture, Instagram captions, and Spotify for my music finds in the month of February. The finds are as follows:

  • James Hoffman
    • The Song: For What It’s Worth
    • The Find: Instagram caption that had some killer lyrics, & the next comment said something about the songwriter. I checked him out & oh man, what a voice. Highly recommend.
  • Joey Landreth
    • The Song: Time Served
    • The Find: I guess this is a real stretch of a find because technically, I knew about Joey Landreth through The Bros Landreth, but Donovan Woods talks incessantly about this guy, so I checked him out. His EP is such good listening music. Mmm. I love good, Canadian, folky talent.
  • Chance the Rapper
    • The Song(s): Same Drugs, Blessings, How Great
    • The Find: I’d like to thank the Grammy’s for finally getting me off my butt to listen to this fella. You all are cooler than me & thus have already listened to him, probably, so I’ll just shut up.
  • Admiral Fallow:
    • The Song: Squealing Pigs
    • The Find: A co-worker recommended this to me! The title may seem off putting, but let me just say that if you don’t tap your foot to this song, you don’t have the beat or even a heart maybe?!

i’m behind. People, sending snail mail is hard!! I’m way behind on this goal. I sent two cards the first week, and unless we’re counting a stack of snail mail I have to send for work, I’m way behind on this goal. Here’s to catching up & card making this week! (Ps. we’re not counting the stack of work snail mail, in case you didn’t catch on). I also am behind on my Bible reading plan, because when I finally did catch up, I suddenly had to read EIGHT CHAPTERS OF JOSHUA IN ONE DAY?!?! AND A LONG PSALM? So I’m behind on that but also look forward to following up on that!

i’m volunteering. I found a kick butt volunteer position as a volunteer barista at a community coffeehouse that is staffed by volunteers this week! My first training shift is this Tuesday. I am all sorts of excited to cross that one off the list.

i bought blundstones. I received an unexpected chunk of money & pulled the trigger on a beautiful pair of rustic brown, chisel toed Blundstones, after a fight one evening with the West Edmonton Mall & Kingsway Mall. They are beautiful, I love them, & I never want to take them off my feet.

So as month one comes to a close, we’re looking at month two of this challenge, and here’s what I’m looking forward to!

more running. (& more sticker charts). Do I need to say more about this? I think not.

the perfect storm of fasting. I read 7 by Jen Hatmaker at the beginning of #25Before25 & man oh man, did it rock my world. My other co-worker had given it to me & now we’re each undertaking 7 challenges: hers surrounding media, and mine surrounding spending. Essentially, I’m cutting back my spending this month & am only buying things from 7 vendors (1 of which is online banking because I have bills that need paying, yo). But this is also happening during Lent, where I had planned on giving up social media. And this also happened during the month where Kristen & I decided to commit to not watching Netflix during weekdays together. It is a perfect fasting storm & it is hard, but I think it is necessary for simplifying & listening.

more writing. I somehow keep just avoiding my beautiful new journal & my re-designed blog, and I’m sad about it. I love writing, and I think I live my life in such a way that I think it needs to be one or the other: either writing, or reading. I want to find a way to strike a good balance.

more cooking. the thing about not being able to spend excess money is that I’m leaning on myself for my meals more, and am surprisingly enjoying it. I’m hoping to try out some new recipes this month, and start getting a little bolder (& a little less scared of) the kitchen!

And that’s the month one round up! What sorts of things have you been getting up to in the last month?

PS. my favourite is when sleeping at last shares five things he loves in his email. here are mine.

  1. kate chrumka’s playlist for me on spotify (Dear Hannah)
  2. the edmonton public library app (always)
  3. my black large moleskin with gridded paper
  4. my interleaved journalling bible
  5. my white duvet, (always).
twenty five before twenty five :: month two round up

twenty five before twenty five :: month two round up

twenty five before twenty five.

twenty five before twenty five.