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twenty five before twenty five :: month two round up

twenty five before twenty five :: month two round up


It's been two and a half months since I first posted about my twenty five before twenty five goals. I've been making really good progress in some areas, and no progress at all in other areas. I'm learning I hate living in the middle of things, and despite the fact that I'm only 2 & a half months in, I'm so over being in the middle of things. That being said, let's do a lil round up of where I'm at on some of my goals.


i'm designing :: I put this one on the list because I really wanted to get into designing on the side, finessing the skills I've developed in the last year. I haven't been great at side design, but this week in particular, I was struck with how much I've grown as a designer in the last year. (Considering I just started learning how to do design via Google & YouTube last summer, I'm pretty proud of this).


i'm reading my Bible :: oh man, I am so behind & some of my other friends are also doing this, and they are not behind, and I'm all sorts of jealous. I keep telling myself I'll do a big catch up day, but realistically? We're in Kings & I'm just having a super hard time getting into it. My pastor shared that the only time he read through the Bible was when he read the Message interpretation, so I've been sneaking that in & it's been helping quite a big. Maybe when I get to Isaiah (like I'm supposed to be right now), everything will magically get easier!! (Probably not.) // also talk about corresponding habits


i'm learning :: One of my goals for the year was to take Instagram & Twitter off my phone for a year. An extension of this goal was giving them up for Lent, as well. Here's what I learned about myself in that fasting period - I am so whiny when I lose all my distractions. And this was an epic fail - I didn't find better things to fill my time with. I just found new ways to waste it. It's brutal. That being said, Instagram & Twitter are still off my phone, but giving them up all together revealed some not so nice things about myself that I didn't want to confront.


i'm reading :: oh man, am I ever reading. Today, I hit 26 books read in 2017, which is really good for a girl who hasn't been reading much in the last 5 years. I'd like to say a big thank you to the Edmonton Public Library, which is in the top 10 list of things I'll miss if I ever leave Edmonton.  Here's the round up of what I read since my last blog post.

  • Creativity, Inc. : Ed Catcall (definite a re-read!) (would buy) 
  • Sound of Gravel: Ruth Warner (so good!) 
  • Assimilate or Go Home: D.L. Mayfield (so good!) (definitely a re-read!) (super would buy!) 
  • Here I Am: Jonathan Safran Foer
  • Reclaiming Hope: Michael Wear
  • When Breath Becomes Air: Paul Kalanithi (so good!) (definitely a re-read!)
  • Out of Sorts: Sarah Bessey (definitely a re-read!) (super would buy!) 
  • The Year of Yes: Shonda Rhimes
  • Zac & Mia: AJ Betts
  • Finding God in the Waves: Mike McHargue (definitely a re-read) (super would buy!) 
  • Hallelujah, Anyways: Anne Lamott (so good!) (definitely a re-read!) (super super would buy) 
  • Hamilton - The Revolution: Lin Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter (so good!) (killer buy for a coffee table book) 
  • A Monster Calls: Patrick Ness (so good!) (would buy!) 


i'm music finding :: I'd like to thank Spotify playlists, Kate Chrumka, Emma's playlists, other song recommendations from bands, wedding videos, and new albums from beloved bands for this month's music finds. (I know, they're not all new artists & bands, but it is new music & I sought it out & YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHO TO LOVE.)

  • The Song: We Can Always Come Back to This - Hannah Miller
    • The Find: This is Us. (If you're watching This is Us, & you didn't sob when this song played, DO YOU EVEN HAVE A HEART? Probably you still do. But still.)
  • The Song: Down to the River - Dustin Kensrue, Citizens & Saints, Ghost Ship, & more!
    • The Find: My sisters sang this song at a wedding this summer & I was looking for a good cover of it. I'm familiar with some of Dustin's other stuff (listen to Of Crows & Crowns if you're looking to SOB) & so thoroughly enjoyed this cover.
  • The Song: Someone to Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
    • The Find: My friend, Kate, texted me saying this song was our life. Upon listening, I was so inclined to agree. The lyrics are haunting, and the music is just so so good.
  • The Find: I'm gonna break tradition here to just list off all the songs I found via Spotify playlists this month - either the Discover Weekly, Coffeehouse Playlist, etc. etc. Spotify, you just come in so clutch for me.
    • The Songz: 
      • Jericho - Westerman
      • Hannah - Luca Fogale (Did I listen to this one because it has my name? Yes. Am I ashamed? NOT ONE BIT.)
      • Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennen
      • This Town Is Killing Me - Caitlyn Smith
      • Dandelion Wishes - John Adams
      • Couldn't Ask for a Better Friend - Michael Logen
      • Falling - Anchor & Bell
  • The Song: Birds - The Collection
    • The Find: Found out about this band a year ago, when they opened for the Oh Hellos. I loved their stuff, and this was the song I loved the most, but couldn't find on any of their old albums, so I was ultra jazzed when it made an appearance on their newest album. :)
  • The Song: Half the World Away - AURORA
    • The Find: Emma made some super killer playlists, and there were a number of great songs on them, but this one really stood out to me.
  • The Song: Benediction - Josh Garrels
    • The Find: I fully watched someone's wedding video on Facebook & found this song & now cry every time I hear it because emotions are fun!! Seriously though, I'd heard of Josh Garrels before & spent a summer obsessed with Little Blue by him, but this song has given me all sorts of new feelings eep!


i'm behind ::  I am terrible at sending snail mail. I have started a 100 day art project, and have hit a massive wall & now have to catch up. I am not blogging regularly. I've already told you I'm behind on my Bible reading. I'm not making time or effort towards cooking. I am terrible at continuing things, and living in the middle, and all of these things have to be sustained, and I'm not sustaining them well.  I have more feelings about this, but still.

i'm still running :: but that is it's own separate blog post this time around.

i'm practicing :: I fasted for lent. It did not go well. I am whiny. This is what I have learned.

i'm saving (sort of) :: I loved buying things from only 7 or so vendors in March - it was such a worthwhile experience, and I ended up saving quite a bit of money! I'm going to do that challenge again in May, with a few variations, but it was tres bueno. I highly recommend it!

When God is Asking You (Okay, More Like Telling You) To Stay.

When God is Asking You (Okay, More Like Telling You) To Stay.

twenty five before twenty five: month one round up

twenty five before twenty five: month one round up