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fifty two :: twenty-nineteen edition.

fifty two :: twenty-nineteen edition.

Last year, I followed Rachel Dawson’s lead in making a bucket list for the year of 52 things to accomplish in the 52 weeks of the year. I loved making this list and checking things off  throughout the year - although the wedding set me back on accomplishing all of them, so some of the items will make a re-appearance this year!

I know there are a lot of things people talk about for setting goals throughout the year - resolutions, words of the year, some short lived things, some long lived things, habits to try, and more - but what I love about this list is it helps me incorporate a lot of different interests and ideas. If they last through the year, great! If they don’t, maybe their time hasn’t come yet or maybe it’s just not time to do it at all. That’s all okay. Whatever happens, happens, and I’m excited to embark on 2019 and all the adventures this list has for me - plus all the other adventures to be had beyond this.

  1. The Year of No Fast Fashion

  2. Host a clothing swap.

  3. Start gardening.

  4. Try HelloFresh

  5. Give up coffee for a month.

  6. Study prayer. Practice prayer.

  7. Memorize the book of Micah.

  8. Memorize a map of Africa: countries and capital cities.

  9. Get allergy tested. Here’s to hopefully no more bee stings wrecking my life!

  10. Make a pizza from scratch

  11. Accrue no library fines.

  12. Start and finish doing a Whole30

  13. Figure out what works for me with eyeliner.

  14. Try rock climbing. - Done, February 2019

  15. Try kickboxing.

  16. Complete a 31 day yoga challenge. - Done 20 days (WEEKENDS WERE UNCLEAR), January 2019

  17. Go to an outdoor pool.

  18. Take a dance class.

  19. Run a 5k.

  20. Run a 10k.

  21. Master doing a push up.

  22. Finish a cross stitch pattern.

  23. Paint something on a large canvas.

  24. Take up a new hand hobby.

  25. Try a 10x10 challenge. - Done, February 2019

  26. Read 125 books.

  27. Read 25 books I already own.

  28. Read one play a month.

  29. Read these series:

    • Lord of the Rings (with Dave!)

    • Three Pines series

    • Finish re-reading the Narnia series

  30. Read 6 books off my 30 before 30 book list.

  31. Cook one recipe out of a different cookbook per month.

  32. Have 52 social media free weekends.

  33. Share more openly, less “what will perform well”-y on the Internet.*

  34. Deactivate Facebook. Other digial declutter ideas?

  35. Blog once a month. Or figure out a writing routine where I’m regularly sharing words.

  36. Re read all my old journals.

  37. Start an online writing group

  38. Write the book.

  39. Write and send Christmas cards.

  40. Raise $500 for a cause I believe in.   

  41. Go to the farmers market once a month.

  42. Volunteer somewhere outside of church.

  43. See something on stage.

  44. Go garage sale-ing.

  45. Get a new tattoo.

  46. Set up our hammock.

  47. Ride the Edmonton LRT (from last year’s list!)

  48. Make a wedding photo album.

  49. Learn to drive standard (from last year’s list!)

  50. Donate blood.

  51. Do an escape room

  52. Build a blanket fort (from last year’s list!)

With all that said, I need your help!

  • Tell me what your best resources and books are for gardening. Bonus points if you have tips to share that are tailored to Edmonton.

  • Engage me in a discussion: is HelloFresh worth it?  

  • Tell me about your best slow fashion resources: books to read, articles to consume, documentaries to watch, companies to support, people to follow, etc.

  • What are some of the best books on prayer you know? Best prayer resources?

  • What are other hand hobbies? I know how to knit scarves, so I want this hand hobby to be something other than knitting. Am I left with crocheting or sewing? This is all I have. Maybe looming? If you know of a good crafty hand hobby, please let me know.

  • Other than deactivating Facebook, do you know of any other great digital declutter ideas?

I’ll probably ask more questions about more of these throughout the year, either here or on Instagram, but that’s the list!I’m really excited about this list, about 2019, about taking some things slower and kicking up the ante on others. If you’re making a 52 in 52 list, share yours with me - I’d love to hear it and cheer you on!

*I want to say more on this, and maybe it will be its own post at some point but I want 2019 to be a year where I speak openly, freely, and often on the internet. I’ve been self-editing and toning myself down for the last few years, but I have things to say, and I’d really like to say them in 2019. I would really like to practice using my voice a little more and exercise my writing and sharing muscles. I used to do this really freely, and I am sad I stopped!

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