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Following the lead of Emily P. Freeman + Anne Bogel, I'm linking up to share what I learned this month, including the mind exploding facts, soul-catching revelations, and inane moments I learned from.

I. Rogelio De La Vega is the greatest character on television.

Hello, my name is Hannah and after two attempts to get into Jane the Virgin, I have finally done it. Yes, Jane is great. Yes, Alba is a hero + a national treasure. Yes, I'm Team Michael (much to the chagrin of my roommate...). But all of that doesn't matter if it wasn't for Rogelio. He is my favourite character on TV right now, right after Appa from Kim's Convenience. What a treasure of a character. 

II. Not all compliments are created equal. 

Last week, I was talking down about myself about a weakness (I'm not great at giving gifts + I would really like to be, so if you have tips, send them my way!), and my co-worker said some really kind + specific things to me. It's one thing to give generic compliments about others - it's another thing to give a compliment that encourages you in an area you're berating yourself in. I was so encouraged by her words, I immediately wrote them down in my journal.  

III. Adventures in Odyssey maintains its goodness. 

This is a niche thing to learn, but man. I've been going through my spring routine of grabbing every Adventures in Odyssey CD I can get my hands on, and it's been keeping me great company over the last few weeks on my drives to the gym, drives to Dave's place, and drives to the library. Yesterday, I was listening and was surprised - and delighted! - to find an episode that explored the cultural and biblical significance of Deborah, a female judge in the Old Testament, and Jael, the famous lady who killed a Canaanite general by drilling a tent pole in his head. I've started brainstorming some things to put on my 30 before 30 list, and listening to the entire Adventures in Odyssey catalog is on there! 

IV. Lists are my love language. 

I've known this for a while, but when I'm feeling bogged down and unsure of what to write, I often just write a list out to shake out my brain. Also, this 100 day project from Rachel has me making heart eye emojis every day - such a great idea, and it further reinforces my love of lists. 

V. An indication of whether I'm healthy + in a good place: am I asking people questions?

This has been a slow burn of a realization, but I'm realizing more and more that if I am overwhelmed, stressed, or at capacity, I avoid questions. I avoid asking them, I avoid answering them - not because I don't want to have conversations, but because I've hit my limit. I'm at my best when I'm asking questions. It's a strange thing to realize, but it's helped me a lot in the last few weeks to say, "You haven't asked someone a question yet today. That's a red flag. What else is going on here?"

VI. Making time for morning walks is important. 

I've been experimenting with this on mornings I don't go to the gym - and on some mornings when I do. Does a walk around the block help me in the morning? I didn't think it would, but I've been experimenting the last few weeks, and it's really nice. I also work from home and my commute is a jaunt down the stairs, so it creates a mental separation from the house. It's been a good practice, and I'm excited to do it a whole bunch now that spring + summer are here in Edmonton! 

What about you? Tell me what you learned in April! 

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