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What I Learned This Winter.

What I Learned This Winter.


Following the lead of Emily P. Freeman + Anne Bogel, I'm linking up to share what I learned this past season, including the mind exploding facts, soul-catching revelations, and inane moments I learned from.

I. Layovers just aren’t worth it for work travel.

One of the great joys of my life is travelling for work. RIght now, in this season of life, it works for our family. Every time I travel, I experiment and try different things - I travel with just my carryon, or no books - only my iPad, I bring a reusable mug, etc. For the first time 10 months, I decided to try layovers again. I thought I would like the break, the chance to stretch my legs and grab coffee! I… did not. I determined that if it’s a flight from Edmonton to Hamilton, layovers aren’t worth it for me. Now I know that and will never subject myself to that again. (Another travel tip learned? If I have to work in Ontario during the day, taking Dave to the airport for 5 am is the pits.)

II. Brie Larson is in Sleepover.

I experienced my first adult snow day in February, and my sister insisted we watch a good ole classic - which in our house, means watching one of the ten movies we watched growing up. Sleepover (a classic with Alexa PenVega and STEVE CARELL) was the winner. In the first twenty minutes, my sister said, “Did you know that’s Brie Larson?” (Narrator: she did not know that was Brie Larson.) I flipped my lid. What? How? Why? She made me SOB in the Glass Castle, but she’s just playing a smarmy teenager here? Amazing.

III. Free Weekend January is my new favourite thing.

I wrote more about this in my gifts of January post, but I learned that this rhythm of rest was a) needed + b) craved. Not all of those free weekends were productive (although in terms of my reading life, they very much so were productive!), but all of them were a gift to receive and learn from.

IV. Fargo, North Dakota is an underrated delight.

I don’t think this is something I can definitely say I learned, but man oh man, did I love our two evenings sleeping in this town on our Christmas road trip to Iowa. Next time, I carry two goals in my heart: visiting an independent coffee shop and an independent bookstore, and maybe staying while the light is longer and while there is no raging blizzard.

V. Mile markers + exits are planned so the numbers all line up.

Lest you naively think, like I, that highway exits go in a logical 1, 2, 3 fashion, let me share with you! It’s not a conspiracy - the planning of the highway exits correspond with what mile or kilometer of the highway you’re on. (ie. if you’re on kilometer 45 of the highway and there’s an exit in front of you, it’ll be exit 45). Embarrassing for me to find this out at the age of 25? A little. Did Dave laugh at me for this for 24 hours straight about this? Yes. (That may have been because I excitedly shared that I had come upon a mass conspiracy - and he excitedly shared that I was very wrong.)

VI. I still have a crush on the Mumford and Sons banjo player.

First of all, if you haven’t yet - please go listen to Delta, Mumford and Sons latest album. Second, please raise your hand if you still have (or just realized you have) a crush on the Mumford and Sons banjo player. This is all I know him as. Perhaps in the next iteration of this list, I will have learned his name, as a deepening of my crush on him.

VII. The Dutch church service that didn’t end.

I loved learning about this church this past winter - in a time where a lot of things feel dark and discouraging in our world, this was a breath of fresh air. And I’m never going to be unimpressed by a church who stands up for injustice, especially against the least of these.

What about you? Tell me what you learned this past winter!

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