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Following the lead of Emily P. Freeman + Anne Bogel, I'm linking up to share what I learned this month, including the mind exploding facts, soul-catching revelations, and inane moments I learned from.

I. Killer whales aren't actually whales. 

They're actually the highest level of dolphins. This led to the deepest moment of my life to date, which was saying, "So are whales actually whales?" Nothing I know is true anymore. 

II. I can survive spilling half a container of coffee creamer all over myself. 

It was my last full week of work before vacation, and we were having our weekly morning devotion meeting. My coffee and I were running a minute or two late, and I was hustling to put creamer in my coffee and head back into my office. But my coffee creamer had other plans. A few vigorous shakes later, I stood with my kitchen counters and my shirt dripping. I angrily thought, "IS THIS A METAPHOR FOR MY WEEK AND ALSO MY LIFE". But here's what I really learned that week - sometimes, I can be really unkind to myself. But I can also be kind and give grace to myself, and I will probably not spill that much coffee creamer on me for another six months! 

III. A little bit of Korean, via Kim's Convenience. 

If you have Canadian Netflix, run - don't walk - to watch Kim's Convenience.  You can then stream season 2 on the CBC website. I learned about Amma and Appa and Janet and Jung and Kimchee and Shannon, I spotted Ryerson and squealed when I recognized Toronto landmarks, I laughed, and I cried. If you're looking for an exceptional, hilarious, and heartwarming half-hour show to add to your TV repertoire, please make it this one.

IV. A lot about Martin Short. 

Hamilton born and raised. Went to McMaster and got involved in drama. Almost was going to go through their Master of Social Work program, and instead, made it as an actor! He read a chapter as Franc, which is my most favourite character in Father of the Bride. He's also lived through a lot of grief and sadness. I also learned that the only way to listen to audio-books is in memoir format, where the author is also the writer. 

V. I like working out in the morning. 

I've known this for a while, but I was trying to address the pain points of my mornings, and my worst mornings are the one where I've laid in bed all day. My best days are when I get up and feel like I've lived a mini life before work. And I'm not saying you have to like working out in the morning, but this is what I like. 

VI. My iPad mini is the true hero of travel. 

Runner up: Hoopla, the app my library uses for digital downloads. I got to finish two books that I had on hold at the library by reading them on the iPad, and it enabled me to only bring TWO physical books home!! That is unheard of!! (Before you get too proud, I brought two journals home too, and that was super unnecessary.) 

VII. A little bit about adoption in Ontario. 

When I was home, my step-dad made sure I met someone he knows who has pursued adoption with their family. We chatted and I learned a decent amount about what adoption looks like in Ontario, and walked away from the conversation feeling really, really encouraged. It was also a reminder to me to pray for families who have chosen adoption for their family - no matter what stage of that journey they're in. 

VIII. The Ryerson Rams women's volleyball team won their first national championship - and Ryerson's first national championship ever! 

Oh wait, I learned this - but you did too!! Because sports fan Hannah is nothing but very loud and very informative to the masses. (I'd apologize, but I still get emotional thinking about the win.)

What about you? Tell me what you learned in March! 

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