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A Summer In Lists.

A Summer In Lists.


Planes I Took:

  • YEG - YYC, WestJet: This flight caused a stressful delay and a change in trip. Dave and I learned how to better communicate in stressful situations.

  • YYC - LHR, British Airways: This flight taught me that I am maybe not a great plane sleeper and The Goldfinch was not the book to be read at that time. At Heathrow Airport, I said I could probably live in London + Dave reminded me that seeing only an airport is not enough to base uprooting our entire lives there. He was right.

  • LHR - EDI, Flybe: I do not think I could keep my eyes open on this flight. When I could, I was really tired.

  • LGW - YYC, WestJet: Flew on the new Westjet Dreamliner. I highly recommend. Also sat next to someone who pulled out nail clippers and clipped her nails on the plane. It was a bold move.

  • YEG - YYZ, Air Canada: This was my second red eye flight in a month and I could not keep my eyes open! Perhaps I should’ve napped before the flight instead of watching The Bachelorette, but with a million hours of travel ahead of me, I think I chose right.

  • YYZ - ADD, Ethiopian Air: Blessing of this plane ride: an aisle seat and an empty middle seat. The curse of this plane: a chatty neighbour, who I think was trying to recruit his daughters to work for EduDeo. I was tired and probably not helpful.

  • ADD - FIH - LLW, Ethiopian Air: We stopped in the DRC on the way in. It’s a long story that involves me faking a visa number to get my boarding pass, but I was very wary and very nervous that at any given time, someone was going to find out about me faking a visa number. It was a glitch in the system, and we reached our final destination.

  • LLW - ADD, Ethiopian Air: I got on to the plane, a little flustered, looking for my seat - only to be told this was a free for all plane, which means somewhere along the way, the flight attendants got sick of enforcing seat rules and all seats were up for grabs! I am grateful for friends who saved seats and waved me over, once seeing my very angry and very bewildered face.

  • ADD - DUB - YYZ, Ethiopian Air: I’ll never understand how plane refuelling works. Maybe a 2020 goal for me to learn.

  • YYZ - YEG, Air Canada: Grateful for the Starbucks I had, the full podcast queue to listen to, and the words I finally had to write down. But also, the most impatient I’ve ever been for a flight to land. Also, cute baby to make faces at in my row.

  • YEG - YXU, Swoop: It is nice to travel with Dave. It is mainly nice because I can put my head on his shoulder, and when I sit by the window, it’s like having limitless options of where I can fall asleep!

  • YXU - YEG, Swoop: Sorry to the entire flight for being the only person to keep my light on until 12:30 AM EST. I was reading a book, quietly weeping, processing my feelings, and preparing for a meeting at 10:30 AM EST.

Places I Went:

  • Canmore, Alberta

  • St. Andrews, Scotland

  • Dunotter Castle, Scotland

  • Aberlour, Scotland (please don’t ask me to say it out loud)

  • Crail, Scotland

  • Pittenweem, Scotland

  • London, England (just assume we saw 80% of the sights. A highlight: Camden Market and the Imperial War Museum and Key Gardens and okay fine THERE WERE A LOT OF HIGHLIGHTS)

  • Phoenix Theatre, London, England

  • West Edmonton Mall, Alberta

  • A lot of airports

  • Lilongwe, Malawi

  • Lundazi, Zambia - Chasefu Primary School, Emusa Primary + Secondary School, Hoya Primary + Secondary School, Mwase Primary + Secondary School, Msuzi Primary + Secondary School, Mphamba Primary School

  • South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

  • Queen Elizabeth Swimming Pool + Borden Natural Swimming Pool, Edmonton

  • Edmonton Public Library: Bonnie Doon, Castle Downs, Capilano, and Highlands branches

  • Heirlooms Bridal Store - Dundas, Ontario

  • Concordia Club of Kitchener, Ontario

  • Erieau, Ontario

  • Hamilton, Ontario

  • Edmonton Folk Festival (but the pleb version where I just stood at the top of the hill)

Things I Crossed Off “I Want To Do or Try These Things” Lists:

  • Visit a country in Europe

  • Visit a country in Africa

  • Go to an outdoor pool

  • Paint something on a large canvas (I bought three small canvases instead)

  • Read 125 books in a year (and steadily climbing)

  • See something on stage

Things I Cried About On Planes:

  • Gifted

  • THE BOOK THIEF by Marcus Zusak. which prompted Dave to say, “If you knew this was going to make you cry, why did you read it?

  • Toy Story 2

  • The Come From Away soundtrack.

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • Mary Poppins Returns - specifically the scene where she sings “The Place Where Lost Things Go” am I crying now as I re-listen to it? For me to know!!

  • MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE by Lori Gottlieb. This was the book I wept about at 12:30 am. Not sorry about it.

Questions I Asked Myself:

  • What am I scared of?

  • What do I need more of?

  • What do I need less of?

  • What am I excited about - what is surprising or delighting me?

  • How was I loved this week?

  • What did I avoid this week?

  • What did I learn about myself and God and others this month? What made you cry? What did I watch, read, and eat this month?

  • What is my desired outcome for my relationship with my dad?

(In the spirit of full transparency, I asked them. I didn’t answer them. Maybe in September.)

Things I Learned:

  • Pack more snacks that I like for long flights. Pack more snacks for trips in general.

  • Students are students everywhere.

  • Hospitality and serving others is a beautiful blessing to receive.

  • I don’t want to be defined by this one thing that happened to me that I had no control over.

  • Celine Dion is like Shepherd’s Pie for my ears.

  • It’s not hard because you’re failing. It’s hard because it’s hard.

  • Movies are how you truly make time pass on a long flight.

Songs I Became Obsessed With:

  • “I Don’t Care” - Ed Sheeran + Justin Bieber

  • “Crowded Table” - The Highwomen

  • “Catch” - Brett Young

  • “Rescue” - Lauren Daigle

  • “Lover” - Taylor Swift

  • “Skeleton Move” - Master KG

  • “Used to Be” - Jonas Brothers

  • The Come From Away soundtrack

Things I’m Proud Of:

  • Saying “I’m stuck, I cannot do this, and I need help to make sense of this now. I’m too in my head and i’m banging it against the wall.”

  • Taking baby steps, all over again.

  • Letting go of what used to work to make space for what is working now.

Now On The Moerman Family Bucket List:

  • Read outside on a blanket

  • Try an e-scooter

  • Visit a board game cafe

  • Go to a brewpub I’ve never been to (because there’s a 95% chance Dave has already gone there with the boys)

  • Visit the new farmer’s market

  • Go for a walk in the Highlands neighbourhood

  • Do stand up paddling at Elk Island

A Dave Quote That Always Makes Me Laugh:

  • “Shut up, words are hard.”

I'm in the Business of Reclaiming Card Games.

I'm in the Business of Reclaiming Card Games.