Event Management

Coldest Night of the Year


Event management and logistics have long been a passion for me, because it combines a lot of my favourite work areas: strategy, organization, communication, working with people, and hard work. Coldest Night of the Year was no different.

In February 2017, I managed Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) for Hope Mission. Working with Blue Sea Philanthropy, I oversaw 40 teams captains and 300 walkers from sign up to walk day.

I managed weekly communication with 40 team captains to excite them about the work of Hope Mission and the difference they would make through CNOY. I managed publicity communications to promote the event through emails and social media.

Before the event, I coordinated all logistics, and served as the head of the event on the day of. I delegated roles to different team members, and watched a successful event come to fruition!

Hope Mission was able to raise $60,000 for their work in Edmonton and received a 75% payout from Blue Sea Philanthropy.

After the event, I worked with Hope Mission on analyzing whether Hope Mission could run an event like this on their own. I gathered relevant historical data and put together a recommendation based on my experience.