Campaign Management

Kids Monthly

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In 2017, a focus of Hope Mission was learning how to fundraise for children in a sustainable way. Our monthly giving program - in support of kids - was launched, and I led the charge.

I researched other monthly giving programs that focused on kids, and then created the communications around our ask. I choose to focus on the four pillars of Hope Mission’s programming for children, and pulled together representative stories of what hungry children in our province were facing.

With a limited background in web design, I used Wordpress back end to create the original website for the kids monthly giving program. You can find the archived version of this website here. I created all collateral on the website, choosing to use cartoon photos to protect the children we serve in our programs.

To keep donors involved in the program, I created reply cards, so donors could encourage children involved in their programs. I also I created “child sponsorship cards” - cards that would give a donor a sense of who they were sponsoring, without compromising a child’s personal information, as a more personal touchpoint for monthly donors. These cards had space for a child to draw a photo, and share their favourite food and favourite subject in school.