Over the five years, I'm working on doing thirty different things before I turn thirty in 2023! If it’s italicized, it’s in progress; if it’s bolded, it’s finished!

  1. Listen to the entire Adventures in Odyssey catalogue.

  2. Run a half marathon.

  3. Visit all the Edmonton Public Library branches.

  4. Go back to school.

  5. Meet Connor McDavid.

  6. Visit all the Edmonton independent coffee shops.

  7. Make a will.

  8. Read my 30 before 30 book list!

  9. Go plastic free for a month.

  10. Say adios to fast fashion for a year.

  11. Visit all the provinces.

  12. Learn a new hobby.

  13. Take a cooking class.

  14. See “Hamilton” on stage.

  15. Visit Harry Potter World.

  16. Take a dance class.

  17. Learn all the lyrics to “Non-stop” from Hamilton.

  18. See five concerts.

  19. Plan a surprise party.

  20. Be debt free - take that, OSAP!

  21. Write a book.

  22. Master cheesecake - Beppe’s and Oreo cheesecake.

  23. Visit a winery.

  24. Fly first class.

  25. Get allergy tested.

  26. Sell some illustrations/prints.

  27. Adopt a dog; name them “Dobby”.

  28. SECRET

  29. SECRET

  30. Hike a portion of the Camino with Dave for our 30th birthdays.