Over the next year & a half, I'm working on doing twenty five different things before I turn twenty five in 2018! (Ps. If it's italicized, it's in progress!)

  1. Get some writing published. - Done, 2017
  2. Finesse my clumsy design skills.
  3. Read the Bible in a year (& finish this time!)
  4. Take Instagram & Twitter off my phone for a year.
  5. Read one book a week.
  6. Send one piece of snail mail a week.
  7. Run a 5K. (in training right now!!) - Done, June 2017
  8. Find a kick butt volunteer position.
  9. Find new music once a month.
  10. Buy local, fair trade, used, & mindfully as much as possible.
  11. Give up spending for six months. #minimalism
  12. Finish my Edmonton bucket list.
  13. Tithe.
  14. Blog more regularly.
  15. Camp in the mountains.
  16. Start & complete a 100 day art challenge.
  17. Take a pottery class.
  18. Travel to another continent.
  19. Cut the crap excuses about cooking & just do it.
  20. Pay off my suffocating student debt faster.
  21. Drink more water.
  22. Buy Blundstones. - Done, February 2017.
  23. Shut up.
  24. Learn spiritual disciplines & practice them.
  25. Something new (left intentionally vague) - Done, May & June 2017

& i'm sneakin' in these additions to the list after my 24th birthday //

  1. Write for at least five minutes every day (with the hope to be up to 55-60 minutes by my 25th birthday)
  2. Regularly attend an exercise class.
  3. Go back to counselling. 
  4. Celebrate my 25th birthday well.